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Lascaux Cave Paintings

Bust of Nefertiti

Interesting piece of art. Mom and I were trying to figure out if Joseph and the Israelites may have had any influence on her monotheism, but a real detailed Egyptian time line is hard to find. Especially one that mentions anything about Israel.


This entry was interesting in that it didn't talk very much about the piece of art itself but rather the person on whom the bust was modeled. I had to do some internet exploration to find out a little bit more about it. Very cool, though.

Yes, I agree interesting piece of art. I think it's pretty crazy that they found it in such good condition.


I had to go online and look at real picture of this sculpture and it is truly amazing what condition this thing is in. i find it very interesting that they think this was never a finished piece, if i was Thutmose you better believe i would have filled that eye and shown this thing off. oh yeah a little update to one of the addition facts, a google search pulls up 2.5 million hits!


I've always found Egyptian history to be mind boggling. Their craftsmanship has always been remarkable. Think about how they built those pyramids, those blocks were huge, and stacked stories high with no machinery. The fact that Nefertiti's sculpture was found in such great condition is no surprise to me. We should probably get back to quality hard labor, and raw natural materials. Quality over quantity. I would LOVE to go to Egypt one day. Maybe during the winter though…what do you think the temp is there in their winter months, do they have winter months?

P.S I did my research, yes they do have winter months. Them temp is 14 celius, which is about 57 degrees. Anyone wanna go?

-I would also love to go to Egypt. I want to know if the name Nefertiti is ever used today. All the monarchs in England had quite common names which are used today, the pope keeps using a past name. Cleopatra and Jezebel are other names you don't hear much today. Maybe they can still be heard in the middle east.

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