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A New Front Page

Ok everyone; I’ve moved everything to a forum discussion for functionality purposes. You’ll find the link below (or use the side bar).

Gibblets ID Discussion

So here’s the deal, same basic concept as before, but now the formatting is automatic. For those of you who have used forums before, this is a fully functional forum. For others; all you have to do is click on the day your discussing, then on the link to the thread you want e.g. “the alphabet”. Once in the thread scroll to the bottom to find the “new post” button and ta-da, you’re making a comment. You can also reply to an individuals comment by pressing the reply button under their comment. No need to sign your name as it will be placed on the top of your comment automatically (unless you’re Stephanie using Tylers login). You can still add links, post pictures and videos, and do all the XML formating like before. If you have trouble, start a new thread in the Help! category of the forum. For the more advanced users the threads suport RSS feeds and you can create a signature if you’d like. Ok Have fun!

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